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About Us
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Management Team
  • Donavon P. Ternes - President, Chief Executive Officer
  • Tam B. Nguyen - Senior V.P., Chief Financial Officer, Corporate Secretary
  • David S. Weiant - Senior V.P., Chief Lending Officer
  • R. Scott Ritter - Senior V.P., Mortgage Banking
  • Gwendolyn L. Wertz - Senior V.P., Retail Banking
  • Lilian Salter - Senior V.P., Chief Information Officer
Provident's Corporate Office Building
Provident's Corporate Office Building on Central Ave.
About Us
Provident Bank was founded in 1956 by Gordon A. Blunden who was Chairman and CEO for more than 30 years. His son, Craig G. Blunden was then the CEO and was with the company for more than 48 years. Upon his retirement on January 1, 2024, Donavon Ternes was appointed as President and CEO. Provident Bank is the largest independent community bank headquartered in Riverside County and operates on a fundamental concept of providing superior customer service and relevant financial products. We recognize, now more than ever before, that customers have many options to choose from when selecting their primary financial institution and while the industry may be shrinking, the competition for your business is not. Acknowledging this fact requires that Provident Bank be a recognized value-added financial services partner in the communities we serve. Provident Bank is proud to be a member of the greater Riverside area for over 60 years.
Our Belief
At Provident Bank, our belief is to provide cost-effective financial solutions to our customers with the kind of service immediately recognized as unique to Provident Bank: It's our brand. Rapid changes in the economy and how individuals within Riverside County live and work requires that we also deliver on customer expectations. At Provident Bank, having meaningful conversations with our customers where we listen as much as we talk is simply a core principle of who we are. In this way, we are committed to the belief that our communities are better served when decisions about financial products and services are made locally by people who know the markets. We promise to work hard to earn your trust, to maintain our good name, and be the best financial services option that anyone could ask for in this community.
Corporate Values
Our corporate values reinforce our philosophy to empower our employees to make decisions that are prudent for the times and appropriate for our customers and our shareholders. We acknowledge that we must also be good corporate citizens. This is why we created a foundation to award local grants, a community partnership program to help the not-for-profit and non-profit organizations and routinely host seminars to educate our community.
Our People
Many of our employees have been with Provident Bank for more than 20 years, some much longer, they live locally and are actively involved in the community along with their families. We are very fortunate to have so many dedicated employees throughout our company to serve you. It is why we can deliver every day on the promise of providing outstanding service. We are confident that Provident Bank will exceed your expectations.